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Product Photography Process

Product Photography in six easy steps

The following process is a general outline to our product photography workflow. Some exceptions may apply for larger products such as furniture where an on set setup will be more convenient.


1. Tell us about your project

Contact us and we will review the scope of your project and provide you with a product photography quote. We will also answer any questions you have on the process.

2. Ship your products

Securely pack your items and ship them directly to our photography studio. Alternatively we can collect at an additional fee or drop them off yourself

3. Unpacking & shoot preparation

We will inform you that your products have arrived. Once we receive the deposit, we will schedule your shoot and prep your products. Products such as clothing items may require steaming/ironing to remove creases. this will be charged at an additional hourly rate

4. Product Photography & editing

Your products will be professionally photographed utilizing the latest in pro camera bodies, lenses and lighting. Further removal of dust, fluff, dents, scratches and other imperfections are charged at an hourly rate

5. Product photograph delivery

When the photos are complete, we will provide you with a link for you to access the images via our dedicated server.

6. Return Shipment

We will securely pack up your products and arrange the return shipment or collection process at an additional fee. If you would prefer your products not be returned, we can also dispose of them at your direction.