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Cape Town Jewellery Photographer

How do you make a jewellery product look so good?

Jewellery photography is part technique, part equipment, and part creativity. Most of the time you need all three.

Please visit our Jewellery Photography Portfolio to view more of our work

Do I need to be located near Cape Town to be a client?

No, you don’t need to be in Cape Town, to work with us. While we may be miles apart, our personal attention helps us feel like neighbours. Transport is of course the biggest factor, so let us discuss the magnitude of your project and we will provide the best possible solution to getting your jewellery photographs done.

Should you be in the Cape Town area however, your jewellery photography shoot can be set up in your shop, warehouse or factory in order to make the effort of transport much less of a burden. Jewellery can be delivered and photographed within a photography studio.

How long will the jewellery photographer take to shoot?

Most jewellery photography projects are completed in about a week or sooner after your jewellery arrives. If you have a large jewellery photography project or we have an exceptionally high volume that week, your project may take a little longer. Please contact us to discuss the turnaround time for your project based on the current production schedule.

I need a poster or large photo from the jewellery photography shoot. Can you do that?

Yes, we can do that, but at an additional fee. We only use professional digital cameras and high-quality lenses when doing a jewellery photography shoot, so our jewellery images are suitable for very large prints. Many of our clients use our photographs for posters and large banners. Please provide details to the requirements thereof in your initial briefing

In what format can my jewellery photographs be delivered in?

Web Optimized jpeg jewellery photographs

The high resolution images are reduced to 1000×600 at 72DPI and optimized for use on your website to make sure your website loading times are kept to a minimum.

High Resolution jpeg jewellery photographs

These full-size images are captured at a camera resolution of 4288 x 2848 pixels before cropping. Photographed toward print usage, these images are delivered at 300 DPI and saved using very high quality settings.

High Resolution TIFF Files (upon request only)

This image format is a great format for large format printing.

PNG with alpha transparency (upon request only)

This format is used when masking is used to remove and leave the background transparent so that the jewellery can be placed on another photo or background.

I would like my jewellery photography images shot in a certain way.

All shoots are done under the photographer’s discretion, based on our years of experience and known industry requirements. Should you want something specific, then please provide all angles required within your initial briefing. If you have a certain style you require, that you would like us to match, then please provide a URL link or screenshots to this to give us a reference to quote and shoot towards.

How will my jewellery photographs be delivered?

Your jewellery photographs will be posted to a secure website for image selection. Jewellery photographs will be marked with a text watermark until they are purchased. Once selected and appropriate payment or arrangements have been made the watermark will be removed, and you may download them at your leisure. We will store the jewellery photographs online for two months and archive them after that.

May I decide how the jewellery should be arranged before the jewellery shoot?

Of course. Please provide a detailed list of how you want jewellery organized (at which angles or group formations) when emailing us or filling in the contact form. Without this, we will shoot as we see fit.

Can I specify a size for my jewellery photographs?

Our jewellery photography quotations are itemized based on image size and the medium required allowing you to only pay for what your project requirements are. We provide the options for web format at 72 DPI (1000 x 600px) JPEGS for online media usage, as well as the option for 300 DPI (approx 4288 x 2848px) JPEGS for small print media usage.

Should your website or print formats, require specific size, please provide full details of the size in your jewellery photography brief, in order for us to quote you accordingly

My jewellery photographs have dust, fluff, dents, crease or scratches on them can you remove these?

We do our best to remove as much these as possible during the jewellery photography shoot, but cannot guarantee they will all be gone. The camera usually sees more than our naked eye, so they will be more evident in the photos. We can however further remove then in editing, but this is charged at an additional hourly rate

Can I get my jewellery photography be shot on a background other than white?

White is the ideal color for making your jewellery photographs really jump out at the viewer, although we can use any background color you like at an additional fee, charged depending on your needs. Just be sure to specify the exact color.

How do I get started with my jewellery shoot?

Please visit our contact page and fill in the form provided. Please note, than no quotations are given over the phone
Let’s discuss your jewellery photography project needs, ideas, and time frames. We’ll create an estimate and email you a written quote.