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Soft Focus Photography was launched in 2010 and caters to advertising, life-style, architecture, product and event photography. Our knowledge in the online website design and marketing industry, sets us apart from many other photographic companies

First off, let talk photography!

Product and Food Photography

With years of experience in 3D product rendering, lighting and design, I know set photography and lighting to the tee, as making something that’s 3D look like a photo on paper, is no job for an amateur. I like to apply this technical knowledge to my real world product and food photography studio sessions, allowing me to be a perfectionist while focusing on the smallest of details in order to give the best possible shot of your product. May it be for an online store, catalogue, food menu or large scale print, I will make sure your photos look great and sell well

Events Photography

I enjoy capturing those once in a life time moments, and that’s exactly what events are all about. May this be a wedding, corporate event or function, I will be there to not only make sure nothing gets missed, but that its photographed professionally to keep for years to come. I am able to provide on location studio lights and background to facilitate fun and very popular studio recreation shots right there at your function. I also see myself as photojournalist and love bringing visual news to the public, so if you have an upcoming event let me know and we will be there to assist you in capturing it.

Architecture and Real Estate Photography

Architecture design and showcasing it in all it visual beauty has been a big part of my career life as an architectural visualization artist. I have had years of experience in creating and 3D accurate models homes, villas, apartments complexes, retail stores, golf courses, hotels and even developments that combine all of these into one. This is only the first step as rendering them into stunning ultra real images that are used in media advertising to sell the developments is what’s really important. With this experience I have a very keen eye when photographing any form of architecture and real estate. I know exactly what looks great and what doesn’t to ensure that your images will be undoubtedly eye catching to all and sell your development.

Advertising and Fashion Photography

Having been a post-production artist years prior, my knowledge of location sets and filmmaking for commercials becomes invaluable in my photography to ensure emotion in my models and the brands they are selling. Living in Cape Town, the city is my playground and the reason why so many international filmmakers and photographers come here specifically to shoot. I make extensive use of this benefit and am able to shoot on a huge variety of locations from the city, to beaches, to forests to match any advertising theme or concept. My services aren’t limited to this however as studio photography is also a major part of fashion and advertising and am able to produce great shots on white background for all your needs.

Stock and Location Photography

With many photos on the world’s largest stock photography websites such as Shutterstock, iStock and Dreamstime, I know what makes an appealing commercial photograph requires. As a professional website designer I look for photographs that will promote my clients websites and apply this when taking photographs for all industries and stock websites. These photographs need to boast vivid colours, and visual focal appeal in order to draw attention and sell well. This photography is great for any business that needs to promote their office/shop/restaurant and staff as aesthetically for their advertising needs such as their new website, brochures, flyers or billboards.

Beyond the photography

With our extensive web knowledge we are able to photograph your event or product range and use these photographs to build a custom website specific to your needs and brand in order to showcase them professionally to anyone and everyone.

Think about it:

Your wedding or corporate event photos will be kept safely online forever and are accessible to you at anytime and from anywhere online.

Selling your products online has never been simpler as we will handle all the studio photography of each product to ensure that your e-commerce store not only functions flawlessly, but that the photos look amazing and enticing more sales than ever thought possible.

But the possibilities don’t stop there, in fact they only begin.

Have a new event or product that needs to be showcased? No problem, We are able to create you a content management system (CMS) website. This allows you and your staff, to have full control over the adding and updating of your website with your new photos. Simply add the event or products to your website through the CMS and you’re ready to spread the word. Running a casting studio where you need to update your models photographs and information everyday has just become very simple and organised

How do I spread the word about my website and photographs?

Not to worry, we are here to help you with that as well. Soft Focus’ website design and online marketing partner are experts at promoting your brand.

We offer many areas of marketing to suit all business needs such as:

  • Email newsletters for news updates to your subscribers
  • Google advertising to make sure you get clicks to your website within a day
  • Facebook & Twitter promotions to keep the buzz going and to launch news specials and events

For more information and questions, visit our contact page