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Our Photography Studio

Soft Focus Photography Studio

Welcome to our home

Our photography studio is where all the magic happens! The large studio space is equipped with everything needed to make sure that everything  runs smoothly when doing a photographic shoot for our clients. This is the important first step to ensure that their images get the deluxe treatment and result that they deserve, every time. From big to small, our array of professional studio flash lights and light modifiers, give us lighting versatility in any situation. Our cameras and lenses and tripods are of the highest quality for best results. To accompany all this, we have many other important photographic accessories such boom arms, reflectors, clothing rails and even some props for fun. On the other side of the studio is our editing area for onsite editing should it be required by our clients. We usually shoot tethered to a display screen so that clients can see the images as we are snapping away.

Why choose our photography studio for your product images

When it comes to product photography, big or small we’ve got the right tools for the job. Our photography studio sports a 3m tall, pure white infinity curve that wraps around at a 90° angle. This is perfect for shooting products such as clothing ranges on models, all the way up to larger products such as furniture and beyond.

When we need to shoot smaller products such as bags, belts, shoes, wallets, bottles, jewellery, food and everything in between, we move over to our professional, perspex product table. Here we can light the product in a multitude of directions, even from behind or underneath, to make sure we get the shot just right. The product table is semi reflective so your products come with a reflection straight out of the box.

Fashion & Portrait studio photography just became a walk in the park

As we mentioned above ,our photography studio is equipped with everything needed to make your products photographs stand out of the crowd. But it doesn’t end there. Our white studio infinity curve is the perfect location to come have your commercial fashion or portrait images shot.

Black Photography Studio Alternative

We are able to photograph our models on pure white using the curve or on a selected amount of alternative colour backdrops such as green, grey or orange. Our studio also has a black room that is pitch black and allows no secondary light bounces. This gives us the ability to be in total control of our lighting and how we want the end result to look like, using only our lights to sculpt our model.

Here are some of the beautiful results

Hair, Make-up and clothing Rails

The photography studio also has space for hair, make-up and clothing rails to make sure the models look their best before standing in front of the lens

Please note: Our photography studio is currently not available for rental